October 27, 2011

Hair Obsession

I think I might have mentioned this subject on here before, but I have an obsession with hair. Some girls look through magazines and drool over the clothes, me, I am a sucker for luscious locks. In fact, I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to hair.

This image from one of my favorite sites stopped me in my tracks this morning. How does one get their hair so shiny? My husband would say "Um, try washing your hair more than 3 times a week". Pfft, I loathe washing and styling my hair. BUT if a stylist told me that daily washing was the secret to shiny locks I might change my tune. So if you have any tips on shiny hair, please share!

1 comment:

Splendid Sass said...

Wish I knew!
Hope that all is well with ou!

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