August 12, 2011

On Loan

Just thought I would throw out a little PSA to all you homeowners out there. Right now interest rates are at an all time low and you should reconsider refinancing your home if you have not done so recently. I am currently in the process of refinancing our home and when it is all said and done will save over $500 a month. That is huge people! If you are in the Oklahoma City area and need a mortgage broker let me know.

Here are some pictures I had on my phone of my house. The first is when the house was first built. I like seeing the progression of the landscaping over the years.

A little Dink makes every picture better

August 4, 2011

Catalog Shopping

Here are some finds I tagged in the latest Grandinroad catalog. What do you think? When I get a catalog or find a website that does not have a local retailer in my area I heavily depend on customer reviews posted on the website. How do you evaluate something you have never physically put your hands on? I am also sure to review the company's return policy, just in case.

I think these little mirrors look great grouped together

I am almost sure I posted this before, but I think this fireplace screen is perfection

If I was in the market for new barstools, I would definitely consider these

And we could all use a little more organization, why not make it stylish

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