June 9, 2011

Worth a Shot

I came across this picture the other day. That is Pippa Middleton (Kate's little sis) back diving off a relative's boat. Dreamy, all of it. What caught my eye the most is how gracious Pippa looks, in her chic white swimsuit and all. With that said I have a confession to make, I have a pool in my own back yard and am not all that good of a swimmer let alone do I know how to dive - my friends and family can attest to this.

During the last summer Olympics I was inspired to really start swimming so I went online and bought myself a cute Speedo swimsuit and some goggles. I swam a few times, got winded and immediately changed into my tanning suit and caught some rays. Once again I am inspired, who knows, maybe I will knock the socks off my friends' and do a back dive for them one of these days, you never know!

1 comment:

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Go for it, Carrie!

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