June 17, 2011

Outdoor Oasis

I know it has been posted several times in the blogisphere this week, but I can't help referring back to Courtney Cox's newly redesigned Malibu home featured in Elle Decor. My favorite space has to be her back "yard".

I can totally picture myself lounging in this space.

Another gorgeous space, which I assume is right off the master bedroom.

I LOVE a firepit and keep asking my husband for one. I like the smart thinking of the glass wall to shield the wind off the beach.

And what about this mini-pit across from the outdoor dining area, perfect for entertaining.

To see the rest of her home click here. Loving her outfit here too!


Splendid Sass said...

Great story.
Hope that all is well with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

LOVE me some Monica! (and Rachel, and Phoebe, and Joey, and Ross, oh and Chandler too!)


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