April 14, 2011

Random Awesomeness

I was kindly reminded by a dear friend that I needed to update my blog. I have been busy as of late so you think I would have lots of stuff to gush about, but I am coming up blank. So when all else fails scan your phone for some random pictures. And now I present you with "Carrie's Random Awesomeness iPhone Pictures".

Owen sporting his new summer cut.

My boring desk at "work".

The evil stepmill, which I am becoming more and more fond of. One minute on it and I am already drenched in sweat. In my book that counts as a good workout.

Last but not least, Lex in her box. "Mom get that camera out of my face so I can down my after lunch snack, thank you." Did I mention that Lex and I are headed to Ohio next month, we are so excited! Get to visit my family and friends and see my sister graduate, woohoo!

I also celebrated my birthday over the weekend and was truly blessed with good friends, good times and great gifts. Hugs and kisses all around. And no, I won't be posting any of those photos :)

Also, be sure to stop by One Kings Lane today to pick up a copy of Gwyneth's cookbook - the one I blogged about eons ago. If you need an invite to OKL click here. If you want a testimonial about the products on OKL I can honestly say that I have loved everything I have gotten from them, I probably shop them more than any other sales site, in case you were wondering.

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