March 25, 2011

Owen vs. Snake

When I arrived home after work yesterday I went out back with the dogs to soak up some of the glorious sun. As I peered down at the ground I saw this, a tiny snake.

Owen was not sure what to make of it, but Lexie knew she wanted a piece of him.

Alas, not to be upstaged by an 8 pound pup, Owen decided to go all in for it. Luckily I pulled him away before mister snake bit Owen in the nose.


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

You peered. I would have been running! Haha.
Cute post.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Lex will get him! Kiki would too. Roxy just wouldn't be bothered with something as low as a snake. Brats. All of them! I was just outside playing with a baby snake I found in my (lack of) flower beds. Lane was not amused when I called him downstairs to see it.

Lena said...

Okay, I saw one yesterday while I was out walking. Apparently, they're out and about in Carrington!

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