January 13, 2011

Catalog Design

The other day I received the latest Grandinroad catalog in my mailbox. As I was flipping through the pages a few things jumped out at me. I don't know how their quality is, anybody have experience with their products?

Below are some of the items I thought looked pretty good for their design as well as price point.

Wooden Stepladder (definitely more chic than my white clanky metal one)

Personalized Pet Art (how cute is this, even though they don't have my breeds)


Splendid Sass said...

Beautiful pieces, but I have never heard of them. WIll have to look them up.
Thank you for sharing.

Lena said...

I've never ordered from them, but I get their catalog. I do know that Jaipur is a rug line that Kern's carries too, so I would bet it safe to say the quality is great!!!

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