November 4, 2010

A New Director in Town

I am late to the game on this post but an article in the September Fast Company magazine (yes, I am just now getting around to reading it!) featured Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the new Director of Fashion for Lincoln Center. What does that title mean? This year New York's fall fashion week moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center and Stephanie, 39, was in charge of the whole shabang, pretty cool job.

A few months back I posted about the new look of Town & Country magazine and Stephanie was included in the pictures. If you have a few minutes I suggest reading the Fast Company article, it talks about Wolkoff's tenure at Vogue. And yes, her grandfather is the infamous jeweler Harry Winston. You can also catch a glimpse of her Park Avenue home here.

I love that even at 6'1" she still wears high heels.


Splendid Sass said...

Thanks for sharing. I am headed over to see the home.
Very impressive.

mydesignchic said...

Her home is as stunning as she is...thanks for the post!!

The Simply Luxurious Life said...

Thanks for sharing about the Fast Company article. I haven't read that, but I too was intrigued with the write up in Town & Country. Now her job would be fun - full of pressure, but pressure I would welcome.
Have a great weekend Carrie!

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