October 29, 2010


I wish everyone a safe Halloween this weekend. I am not sure if I am doing the whole dress up thing, but we are having a little neighborhood block party Sunday night and I need to come up with something. Any suggestions for something easy?

I leave you with these cute pumpkins I came across the other day.

This is a perennial favorite, cracks me up every time.

October 28, 2010


I love when I get goodies in the mail, like yesterday. I received a nice glossy card from Coach with a gift card for $50 inside. The first thing that pops into my mind when I think Coach are their bags. Since I am not in the market for a new bag I decided to peruse their shoe section (remember these beauties I scored earlier, I just love them and have a new found love for Coach shoes). Here are a few of my current faves.

October 27, 2010


My dogs just crack me up at times. Last night while I was working in the kitchen they took their spots, just waiting in case something falls to the ground. I love how Lexie puts her paws right under her chin.

October 26, 2010

A Beauty of a Party

If you don't already read the uber chic blog coco&kelley, I urge you to at least check out the post featuring Cassandra's birthday fete. I love everything about the party set up from the colors to the flowers to the napkins. Perfection! I would love to have a dinner party like this, some day I suppose.

On a different note, have you checked out the site Catalog Living? Cracks me up.

October 25, 2010


When the latest issue of Vogue arrived in my mailbox I had to do a double take of the cover girl. At first glance I thought it was Eva Mendez but it is actually Anne Hathaway. Anne was shot by Mario Testino and looks absolutely stunning. I also enjoyed the interview with Anne, very much looking forward to her latest film. These photos and the article have given me even more appreciation for the actress.

October 21, 2010

The Hass Avocado

Here is an interesting story I came across about the beginnings of the Hass avocado.

Go to any produce section and pick up an avocado. More often than not, you’ll be holding a Hass avocado — a variety that accounts for 80 percent of the fruit produced commercially worldwide and which has a unique connection to USPS.

This particular avocado was patented by a former postal employee — Letter Carrier Rudolph Hass of Pasadena, CA — who died Oct. 24, 1952. During the 1920s, Hass read an article that included an illustration of an avocado tree with dollar bills hanging from its branches. Hass was intrigued by the idea of making money from the fruit, especially since his starting wage at the Post Office was 60 cents an hour.

Hass purchased seeds from a customer and planted them in a small grove he purchased in La Habra Heights. As the seeds sprouted and grew into trees, he hired a professional to graft cuttings from existing trees onto the strongest seedlings. They soon produced large, luscious fruit with a dark, pebbly skin — unlike avocados previously grown.

In 1935, Hass received a patent for his tree. As word spread about his avocados, other growers began to buy “bud wood” from the letter carrier for grafting onto other trees.
Eventually, this single parent tree became the source for a new product. Today, with sales of more than $1 billion in the U.S. alone, the Hass variety dominates the avocado world.

La Habra Heights, CA, Letter Carrier Bianca Gonzalez with a Hass avocado at the site where the first tree was grafted more than 80 years ago.

October 20, 2010

Glam Classics

I came across this tear while reading my October issue of Haper's Bazaar, love everything shown. The ikat pattern on the DVF dress is just right in my opinion. Love the Topshop platform loafers. A red trench, very daring. What I like best about these pieces are that the prices are not too far out of reach.
I also think these pieces are great transitions into cooler weather, don't you?

October 19, 2010

Do You Do Fall Decor?

Each year come October I pull out my ceramic and grapevine pumpkins, scarecrow and fall flower arrangements. This year however I just didn't want the additional clutter in my house. On my porch sure, on my dining table, not so much. So I was wondering, do you spruce your home up in the fall with seasonal decor?

This is a house in my neighborhood that I vote best fall decor. I wish I was this creative, sigh.

October 18, 2010

Well Rested

Greetings friends, I hope you are all as well rested as I am. I must have been totally wiped last week because this weekend I snuck in all kinds of extra naps and sleep. I even managed to squeeze in some good alone time to catch up on my "reading", I love those kinds of weekends. Knowing that I got my chores done around the house makes my down time even more satisfying.

Besides restful slumber I was busy around the house getting ready for a special house guest arriving later this week. My best girlfriend is coming to visit from Ohio and I have all kinds of things planned for us including shopping, pedicures, catching up and even a 5k race.

Since I have a short work week ahead of me I need to make the most of my time, which means to-do lists left and right. Bring it!

October 15, 2010


The other day I received the latest Boden catalog and fell in love with a ton of things. Any of you have any experience buying from them? I know they do the whole UK sizing thing and that they offer free shipping and returns, but still want to know how their sizes run.

Here are some of my picks from their new winter arrivals.
I love the top under the velvet jacket.

This dress looks so comfy.
This combo has my name written all over it.
This is technically a tunic but on me would be considered a dress.
They call these "party shoes" but I would wear them with everything.

October 14, 2010

Looky Here!

Yes I am still alive and kicking friends. I have been busy to say the least, but I love it, keeps me on my toes. Last week I was in a training class for my full time job, let's just say it was not fun and kept me away from all my blog friends.
To catch you up to speed on what has been going on lately, we did indeed sell the scoot to a gentleman that lives just down the road for us. Sniffle, I will miss the scoot but know we got rid of it for the right reasons. I also got a new car last Friday. No I was not looking for one but Kevin and I stopped at the new VW dealership here in Norman and we saw the new Tiguans (small SUV) which we had been eyeing since they came out this summer. Long story short, I traded my sporty red convertible for a sleek white SUV. I love it.

I also came across this picture in an email this morning and thought it was fitting. I don't know if it is the weather changing, my new workload or the 5:30 am bootcamps but I have not been in the best of moods lately. So this is an official notice to mood swings to take a hike, I am done with you!

Oh and did I mention we had an earthquake here in Norman yesterday? Was crazy. I was sitting at my desk drinking a most delicious cup of coffee when all of a sudden the walls started shaking, the pictures on my windowsill fell off and it sounded like a truck crashed into our building. Soon after we found out it was a 5.1 earthquake. Who knew.
So raise a cup of coffee in honor of finishing out the week with a glorious bang!
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