August 10, 2010

Whoa Nelly!

This past weekend I got to go horseback riding, something I have not done since I was a little girl. Ever since moving to Oklahoma almost 7 years ago I have been begging my husband to take me riding. I am very fortunate to have friends that have access to riding horses and we were finally able to go Sunday evening (thank you again!). When asked if I knew how to ride a horse I said something like "Sure, I can figure it out". Ha! Never underestimate the power and beauty of a horse.

Needless to say after about an hour of riding I was finally starting to feel comfortable. I just might have taken it a step too far and challenged my stepson to see who could make it uphill first. My confidence was quickly shot down as I lost control of the reign, both feet slipped out of the stirrups and visions of me falling off the tall horse flashed in front of me. Somehow I miraculously stayed on the horse, albeit to the amusement of my husband. Let's just say that next time I get to ride a horse I will be even more respectful of their power.

Another thing I quickly learned about horseback riding is that it is great exercise, you use muscles you didn't even know existed. Yesterday morning I woke up so sore all over I felt like I had been hit by a car or had actually fallen off the horse. I remember a few years back when Madonna fell off a horse and seriously injured herself, I can imagine that she was in all kinds of pain. I give her credit for saddling up again, even posing for a photo shoot for W magazine with horses. And yes, I will ride again, that is after I get myself some proper riding boots!


Teresa Hatfield said...

Love it! Good for you.
The images are beautiful.

The Simply Luxurious Life said...

Sounds like you had a full and fun weekend. =) And bravo for staying on, it must have been a tribute to being in such good shape.
I too am always amazed at how your legs get the most impressive workout by riding. You wouldn't think so, but they really do.

Anonymous said...

Care, I know you took pix., right?!

Did I ever tell you that I was runner up rodeo queen in Deliverance?! LMAO!

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