August 9, 2010

An Experiment

Over the weekend my husband made a comment along the lines of "I don't think there is any other house that gets as many magazines and catalogs as we do". This then led us to a fun little idea. Over the next 30 days I am going save every catalog and magazine I get, put them in neat little stacks and see how many we actually get. This will also allow me to really figure out what magazines I subscribe too. Case in point that I get so many, I recently started receiving Elle at home as well as at my office. Oops! Hopefully they can merge the accounts and extend my service.

So starting today I am saving all my glossies and will try to give a little recap on Mondays. Our curbside recycle guys are going to love us! Or perhaps I will come up with something creative to do with them ala Antrhopologie style.

And speaking of Antrhopologie, in case you don't already, you need to watch/record Man Shops Globe on the Sundance Channel. This show follows Keith Johnson, a buyer for Anthro, around the world literally for new goods. Since we don't have an Antrho in our state I have to live vicariously (since shopping Antrho online is NOT the same as being in their actual store).

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Cami said...

Hey Carrie! Thanks for becoming a blog follower! Also, I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! You have recently posted about probably my two biggest shopping obsessions other than lululemon workout clothes... Tory Burch and Anthropologie!! Love them!!
Oh, and my whole family is from Norman, OK so I'm a frequent visitor of that town during the holidays. And Caymen's in Norman is an AMAZING boutique, I keep telling them they need to open one if Fort Worth!

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