June 17, 2010

A Puppy No More

Today’s post is dedicated to Owen, aka Dink, one of the reasons I started this blog. Ownsy (what I have been calling him as of late) turns 1 year old today and is no longer considered a puppy. We are so happy to have Owen in our life, he makes us all laugh no matter what else may be going on. We love him despite the nights spent crying in his crate, the early morning wake up calls on the weekends, the fact he chewed the corner off our coffee table, the fact he chewed the corner off my NEW Pottery Barn rug or that he picks on his little sister constantly.

The first day we got Owen, how cute!

We could not have asked for a better dog from our breeder, they make perfect dogs in my humble opinion. Whenever we go on walks people are always asking what kind of dog Owen is and where we got him from. He has yet to meet a person he doesn’t like (the total opposite of Lexie, takes her a year to warm up to people). He loves to go on walks and cuddle in bed or on the couch with you. He loves his brother Wrigley who lives just around the corner from us.

Kevin and I joke about how boring our life was before Owen, true fact.

I took this picture this morning after our 6am walk, isn’t he pretty? Kevin likes his “bangs” over his eyes but I don’t because I can’t see what he is looking at!

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Shelley Rowland said...

happy birthday boys!!!

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