June 21, 2010

Jeremiah WAS a Bullfrog

Last week there was a rather large bullfrog that decided to make home in our pool. Several times Kevin caught him and threw him out in the yard only to find him back in the pool the next day. Saturday Kevin decided he had spent enough time chasing the darn frog out of the pool and carried him across the street to the pond. Well later that day I spotted a large smooshed-to-death frog right in front of our house, I can only imagine it was Jeremiah hopping his way back into our pool.

And to totally change the subject to something much less gross, here are some pictures I have saved in my “New Home Inspiration” folder. Mind you I have been collecting these pictures for a long time, you know, just in case we ever build a new house.


Patrick & Krys said...

STUNNING! Still want you to quit your day job and become a decorator! (read: and decorate my house for free)

Shelley Rowland said...

love the pics!

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