June 23, 2010

Fashion Do or Don't

This issue may have been covered in other fashion centric blogs, but I need to know what my own friends’ take is on this issue: denim “boyfriend”/cut off/distressed shorts. It would be a no brainer if I were back in my 20’s, but I am wondering if this look is still appropriate or acceptable for those of us over 30. Just the other day I got an email from my BFF Tory Burch which featured this picture, I love everything about it.

Then the wheels started spinning. On one hand I figure if Tory and J. Crew are selling these they must be acceptable.

But then you go to Abercrombie or American Eagle and they too sell them.

With that said, what do you think, would you or could you pull these off? And if I do wear them, do I wear them with flats or heels?

BTW, my friends Liz and Jane at Shopafrolic gave a resounding YES to the shorts.
"We understand but we are here to tell you to forget your age when it comes to fashion (with some exceptions). Wear your jean shorts proudly!"


Patrick & Krys said...

Depends on the length of them and what your top looks like! Bikini top with those short distressed shorts to dinner, not so much...

shelley Rowland said...

I totally love them, mom has some and looks so cute in them! Heels.....only if they are wedges...nice ones of course, overwise flats or some of the so cute white chuck taylors.............oooh with maybe something Elizabeth and James....! Like it

Anonymous said...

How bout just going commando and barefoot :-)

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