May 23, 2010

Sign Language

Can any of you give me a quick lesson in sign language please?

Last week I started off with a sore throat and quiet cough. By the time Friday morning rolled around I knew I had taken a turn for the worse so I stopped in at the minor emergency care center and the doc diagnosed me in pretty bad shape. He told me I was contagious, wrote me some scripts for a z-pak and cough syrup with codeine and told me to go home and be anti-social. So I followed the doc's orders to a T and spent the next 2 days on my couch in a drugged up stupor. It is now Sunday evening and I have practically no voice left, thus the need for a quick lesson in sign language.

I hope that tomorrow I wake up feeling 10 times better and kick the week off with a bang. Let's pray on that. I am also accepted any tips on how to not get sick. This is the second time in the past 2 months I have been struck with this mighty bug.

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