May 24, 2010

Saving Up

I am excited that we (me, K and the boy) finally booked our plane tickets to Cleveland in July. It will be nice to see my family and friends and especially my sister's little boy. We will be spending time relaxing and catching up (and keeping the 13 yo boy entertained of course), a welcomed rest. There are also some "musts" that we do there when we visit.

The boy loves going to Dick's Sporting Goods, even though they don't have their rock climbing wall anymore. It would be dangerous if we had a store by us. He also likes hanging out with my dad, going for motorcycle rides, fishing, taking the boat out, bugging my sister, you name it.

K and I like to catch up on our shopping while we are in town, thus the reason I am saving up over the coming weeks. There are some really great shopping centers around town and great outlet shops. K also has a few favorite restaurants that he likes to patron while we are there, including Yours Truly and a local pizza shop.

I am also thinking about bringing my pup Lex on the trip so she can meet my dad's dog Max. Max will be in for a surprise to say the least. There are some really great parks and trails near my dad's house that are great for long walks and runs.

So for the next few weeks we are going to buckle down around home and save our pennies for the trip. I know there are more excited places to vacation in the summer but this one will leave us with some good memories to say the least. (all images in this post from Daily Candy)

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