May 26, 2010


As promised I am going to let you know what I thought about Kim's article in the latest SHAPE magazine. Let me preface this by saying that I know there are a lot of health and fitness magazines out there, I subscribe to several, but I must say that SHAPE has definitely taken a turn for the better. I used to subscribe to this one a long time ago but stopped because I felt their material was getting stale. Last night while I was flipping through the latest copy I decided right then and there that I stand corrected. I don't know if they have new editors at the helm or what but I thought the material they provided was fresh and interesting. They also had several decent looking workouts for anybody needing a little change up in their routine.

Now on to Kim's article, nothing earth shattering but I did like that she says she knows she needs to work out. Kim is 29 and does not have the metabolism of a young 20 year old so she needs to step it up a notch with her eating and workouts. I give her props for stepping up to the plate. Truth be told, I would rather see her on the cover of a fitness magazine rather than a 20 year old who says she eats junk food and doesn't work out. It will catch up with you dear, give it time.

Speaking of Kim, I came across this article which included a picture of her without makeup. I love seeing these types of shots of celebs undone. It goes to show that with a little (or in some cases a lot) of make up, false lashes and a curling iron we can all look smashing.

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The Makeup Palette said...

I know!!!
Kim is a great body role model for girls out there with a little something extra looking to shape up. She doesn't advertise that you have to be a size zero but to be the best, most healthy you that is possible.
It's also 100% true about the makeup. People would be surprised at what you can do with a little makeup. :)

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