May 18, 2010

Hubby Made a Funny

Yes friends, it is rare that my husband makes a blog-worthy joke so I have to document it when it happens.

Each night we have a ritual come bed time. Once hubby and I settle in to bed we put Lexie in bed with us (she is too much of a wimp to try and jump up). She then rustles around in the covers until she is comfy. Then Owen decides he wants in on this action and starts pawing at hubby, letting him know he wants on the bed too. We tell Owen to come on, jump up and he continues to paw at K. Finally Owen gets on the bed and the 2 dogs play Romper Room until they each find a spot acceptable to themselves (Owen usually ends up laying parallel to me with his head on my pillow and Lexie in between K and I). Lexie then crawls onto K's chest and gives him kisses in the face, can't you picture how cute! Well the other night K goes to me "You know that blog you like, Life in a Venti Cup, you should name your blog Life in a Queen bed". That just totally made me crack up and I had to share it.

And sorry for those of you that find the whole dog-on-the-bed thing gross. Please note that both our dogs are non-shedding and don't smell at all. And once we start to drift off to sleep we kick Owen off the bed and onto his King size dog bed. Can you say spoiled? :)

1 comment:

Krys said...

Umm, my dog sheds A LOT and she still sleeps with me. But, it wouldn't matter if I didn't let her sleep with me, her fur would still be all over the bed. Hell, Roxy's fur is in my office and shes never been to it!

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