May 14, 2010

Cute or Not?

I came across these new FitFlops in my latest Marie Claire magazine and they definitely caught my eye. From :

The Fitflop Riaita is a new style of Fitflop due out later this Summer. The Riata will be available in Sepia and Amethyst This new Fitflop is a leaner, lighter, more graceful FitFlop. With microfibre-lined snake-print leather and a delicately buckled back strap, this sandal offers incredible comfort and high style, with leg-toning on top.

I have a pair of the original FitFlops and really like them. I don't know if I have received any of their claimed benefits but I do know they are super comfy. So my question is, are the new Riaita ones cute or not? They come with a big price tag for flip flops ($100) which is why I am soliciting your valued opinion :) I like the snake-style print and the strap in the back, makes them look a little dressier in my opinion.

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