May 13, 2010

Cool Kids Club

That's right peeps, I am in the cool kids club now, my Macbook arrived today! Granted we got a Mac at home a few years ago but I have never had my own laptop that was not work issued. Maybe now I can really learn how to use iMovie and iPhoto better. Woohoo, go me!

So what made us suck it up and get the Macbook, well it is all because of the iPad. Hubby wanted to get an iPad but after playing with one for a weekend (a friend lent us his to play with) I decided it was nothing more than a big iPhone. So last weekend I played around with my stepson's Macbook (he has one at his mom's that he brought over) I decided I needed one, STAT! So I owe a big shout out to the hubby for bringing this baby into my life.

And on the debbie-downer side of things, I went to my chiropractor this afternoon (been seeing him lately for stupid sciatic pain). This morning while I was working out I pulled something in my back up by my shoulder blade. Turns out I shifted a rib. Seriously, I suck. I need to really work on my core so this doesn't happen again because it hurts like a you know what.

Okay, back to playing with my Book.

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Blending Family said...

So I heard that its features are amazing. Just watch out you might aggravate the your sciatic pain due to over playing with your Macbook.

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