May 30, 2010

Tomboy Chic

Liking this Michael Kors ad that popped in my inbox this morning, tomboy meets chic.

May 28, 2010

Eye Candy - Home Edition

One of my favorite features in the InStyle magazine is where they take you inside a celebrity's home. The June issue featured the home of Ashley Tisdale. Granted I don't really know much about Ashley except that she was in those High School Musical videos and every time I see her picture somewhere she has a different hair color. None the less the 24 year old has a pretty chic home and a gorgeous closet. What really caught my eye was her backyard and pool, perfection. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

May 27, 2010


No I am not ashamed to admit that I subscribe to Gwyneth's GOOP newsletters. Sure sometimes she writes about things that are a little beyond my lifestyle but a lot of times she packs in some great finds.

I am loving today's newsletter, it talks about the apartment she had redecorated to stay in while she was filming Iron Man 2. Her decorator did a great job considering the short turn around. I like how she goes on to give details where she got most of the items. One item in particular caught my eye, the living area sofa, LOVE IT! Exactly the style I am looking for in a sofa, high arms, deeper seating and clean lines.

And this 3 tier tray is to die for.

Turn for the Better

That's right friends, I think I have just about kicked my cold and am headed for the better side of health. I actually got up this morning and did a heart pumping workout and my lungs did not fail me, woohoo! This is great timing since we have the long weekend coming up, looking forward to being outside and soaking up some sun.

Speaking of sun, Heather at Habitually Chic did a great post on pools today, check it out. I will definitely be spending time in our pool this weekend seeing as how it is going to be 90 degrees and sunny all weekend. And it is just about time for us to bust out the ol' Margaritaville machine. Doesn't get much better than that if you ask me, sun, pool, cold drinks, friends and family and no work. Have a great holiday :)

May 26, 2010


As promised I am going to let you know what I thought about Kim's article in the latest SHAPE magazine. Let me preface this by saying that I know there are a lot of health and fitness magazines out there, I subscribe to several, but I must say that SHAPE has definitely taken a turn for the better. I used to subscribe to this one a long time ago but stopped because I felt their material was getting stale. Last night while I was flipping through the latest copy I decided right then and there that I stand corrected. I don't know if they have new editors at the helm or what but I thought the material they provided was fresh and interesting. They also had several decent looking workouts for anybody needing a little change up in their routine.

Now on to Kim's article, nothing earth shattering but I did like that she says she knows she needs to work out. Kim is 29 and does not have the metabolism of a young 20 year old so she needs to step it up a notch with her eating and workouts. I give her props for stepping up to the plate. Truth be told, I would rather see her on the cover of a fitness magazine rather than a 20 year old who says she eats junk food and doesn't work out. It will catch up with you dear, give it time.

Speaking of Kim, I came across this article which included a picture of her without makeup. I love seeing these types of shots of celebs undone. It goes to show that with a little (or in some cases a lot) of make up, false lashes and a curling iron we can all look smashing.

May 25, 2010

Mail Run

Loving everything in the new JCrew that arrived in my mailbox this afternoon. And yes that is Kim Kardashian on the cover of SHAPE. I will report back on what she says in her article after K is done reading it :) Guess I would have to be a guy to figure out what the fuss over her is all about.

May 24, 2010


I am totally loving this Kate Spade ad that showed up in my inbox this morning. K even thought it was cute. Just replace that zebra on the back with Lex and I am good to go!

Saving Up

I am excited that we (me, K and the boy) finally booked our plane tickets to Cleveland in July. It will be nice to see my family and friends and especially my sister's little boy. We will be spending time relaxing and catching up (and keeping the 13 yo boy entertained of course), a welcomed rest. There are also some "musts" that we do there when we visit.

The boy loves going to Dick's Sporting Goods, even though they don't have their rock climbing wall anymore. It would be dangerous if we had a store by us. He also likes hanging out with my dad, going for motorcycle rides, fishing, taking the boat out, bugging my sister, you name it.

K and I like to catch up on our shopping while we are in town, thus the reason I am saving up over the coming weeks. There are some really great shopping centers around town and great outlet shops. K also has a few favorite restaurants that he likes to patron while we are there, including Yours Truly and a local pizza shop.

I am also thinking about bringing my pup Lex on the trip so she can meet my dad's dog Max. Max will be in for a surprise to say the least. There are some really great parks and trails near my dad's house that are great for long walks and runs.

So for the next few weeks we are going to buckle down around home and save our pennies for the trip. I know there are more excited places to vacation in the summer but this one will leave us with some good memories to say the least. (all images in this post from Daily Candy)

May 23, 2010

Sign Language

Can any of you give me a quick lesson in sign language please?

Last week I started off with a sore throat and quiet cough. By the time Friday morning rolled around I knew I had taken a turn for the worse so I stopped in at the minor emergency care center and the doc diagnosed me in pretty bad shape. He told me I was contagious, wrote me some scripts for a z-pak and cough syrup with codeine and told me to go home and be anti-social. So I followed the doc's orders to a T and spent the next 2 days on my couch in a drugged up stupor. It is now Sunday evening and I have practically no voice left, thus the need for a quick lesson in sign language.

I hope that tomorrow I wake up feeling 10 times better and kick the week off with a bang. Let's pray on that. I am also accepted any tips on how to not get sick. This is the second time in the past 2 months I have been struck with this mighty bug.

May 18, 2010

Hubby Made a Funny

Yes friends, it is rare that my husband makes a blog-worthy joke so I have to document it when it happens.

Each night we have a ritual come bed time. Once hubby and I settle in to bed we put Lexie in bed with us (she is too much of a wimp to try and jump up). She then rustles around in the covers until she is comfy. Then Owen decides he wants in on this action and starts pawing at hubby, letting him know he wants on the bed too. We tell Owen to come on, jump up and he continues to paw at K. Finally Owen gets on the bed and the 2 dogs play Romper Room until they each find a spot acceptable to themselves (Owen usually ends up laying parallel to me with his head on my pillow and Lexie in between K and I). Lexie then crawls onto K's chest and gives him kisses in the face, can't you picture how cute! Well the other night K goes to me "You know that blog you like, Life in a Venti Cup, you should name your blog Life in a Queen bed". That just totally made me crack up and I had to share it.

And sorry for those of you that find the whole dog-on-the-bed thing gross. Please note that both our dogs are non-shedding and don't smell at all. And once we start to drift off to sleep we kick Owen off the bed and onto his King size dog bed. Can you say spoiled? :)

May 16, 2010

The Magazine Lady

Some days I think I should have called my blog "The Magazine Lady". I subscribe to a lot of magazines, and by a lot I mean A LOT. I get a variety of mags from fitness to home decor to finance to cooking to travel to you name it. I get a lot of offers in the mail for subscriptions usually for less than $10, sometimes even $2 or $5. With those kind of prices it is hard to pass up, the subscription is often less than the cost of one magazine retail price. Right now my magazine stack is piled high, I am slowly trying to catch up. I keep telling myself I am going to keep track of all my mags for one month and add them up but have yet to get around to it.

Over the weekend I read a good article in Harpers Bazaar (a fave) on packing light. If you are traveling anytime soon I suggest checking it out for some tips. Even if you don't have a trip on your radar it is still worth the few minutes. Makes me miss traveling.....

May 14, 2010

Cute or Not?

I came across these new FitFlops in my latest Marie Claire magazine and they definitely caught my eye. From :

The Fitflop Riaita is a new style of Fitflop due out later this Summer. The Riata will be available in Sepia and Amethyst This new Fitflop is a leaner, lighter, more graceful FitFlop. With microfibre-lined snake-print leather and a delicately buckled back strap, this sandal offers incredible comfort and high style, with leg-toning on top.

I have a pair of the original FitFlops and really like them. I don't know if I have received any of their claimed benefits but I do know they are super comfy. So my question is, are the new Riaita ones cute or not? They come with a big price tag for flip flops ($100) which is why I am soliciting your valued opinion :) I like the snake-style print and the strap in the back, makes them look a little dressier in my opinion.

May 13, 2010

Cool Kids Club

That's right peeps, I am in the cool kids club now, my Macbook arrived today! Granted we got a Mac at home a few years ago but I have never had my own laptop that was not work issued. Maybe now I can really learn how to use iMovie and iPhoto better. Woohoo, go me!

So what made us suck it up and get the Macbook, well it is all because of the iPad. Hubby wanted to get an iPad but after playing with one for a weekend (a friend lent us his to play with) I decided it was nothing more than a big iPhone. So last weekend I played around with my stepson's Macbook (he has one at his mom's that he brought over) I decided I needed one, STAT! So I owe a big shout out to the hubby for bringing this baby into my life.

And on the debbie-downer side of things, I went to my chiropractor this afternoon (been seeing him lately for stupid sciatic pain). This morning while I was working out I pulled something in my back up by my shoulder blade. Turns out I shifted a rib. Seriously, I suck. I need to really work on my core so this doesn't happen again because it hurts like a you know what.

Okay, back to playing with my Book.

May 12, 2010

The Juice

If you don't already get daily emails from VitalJuice, you must go there now and sign up. I subscribe to the "everywhere" version since they don't feature my rockin' hometown city. Their emails include things from the latest must-read information about fitness, nutrition, beauty and wellness. I have gotten some good workouts from them as well as food ideas. Go. Now.

And a little dose of Kelly makes everything better.

Eye Candy

If I had the legs to go with these cute shorts that popped in my inbox from JCrew, I would order them in every color!

I did manage to score these awesome Oakley's from RueLaLa the other day for a sweet deal. I am telling you, if you have not signed up yet for these cool shopping sites, get to it!

May 10, 2010

Let's Get it Started in Here!

This morning on my run I thought about what I wanted to blog about today. Would it be that we ordered a Macbook over the weekend? Would it be that I got to hold Shelley's baby boy for a long time Saturday night? Would it be that I took the dogs for a walk Saturday and Owen was a turd and had to stop and smell everything? Would it be that I enjoyed a very relaxing Sunday afternoon and even snuck in a bath? Would it be the eminent bad weather today? Yes, this is the stuff I think about on my runs. In the mornings it is still dark out when I begin my run so I don't wear my iPod, I run with my thoughts and the stillness of the morning.

What I do want to talk about is my plan of action for the week. That's right, I am still on my getting things done kick. Some things on my list include: keeping up my kick butt workouts, finishing my real estate classes, celebrating a great year of Junior League activities, playing with the new laptop and quality family time.

Speaking of workouts, I stumbled upon this website after seeing Karena Dawn in the latest Oakley ads. These girls kick butt and have a ton of great info on their site and blog. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel for some great videos and inspiration to get your butt moving.

Lastly, here are 2 pictures I snapped over the weekend of the dink dogs. The first one is a very typical scene with them. Lexie gets cornered by our bedroom and Owen waits to pounce on her. (Lex got her hair cut Friday and looks super cute BTW!) The second was from last night while Kevin and I were eating they were just waiting for a scrap to fall on the floor. Funny because we don't feed them table scraps.

Wishing you a great week, let's get this ball rolling!

May 5, 2010

No More Excuses

For those of you that know me personally you may have heard me say that I am the queen of procrastination. Just used to be that I worked better under pressure I guess. Well this week I decided that I was tired of listing reasons why I should put something off. This week is a week of getting things done for me, crossing off items left and right from my to do list. Sure that may mean less relaxation time, but that's what weekends are for, right?

One of the things I have been wanting to do is try making almond milk in my new Vitamix. Well last night I just did it, nothing hard about it, 1 cup raw almonds, 3 cups water, 2 minutes on high in the Vitamix, voila! Sometimes we just get in a rut or stale in what we do, now is the time to mix things up I say.

The verdict on the almond milk is still out. I tried it last night after I made it but it was warm from the blender so I put it in the fridge, can't wait to try it later. Okay, back to getting things done. Ciao!

May 4, 2010

Good Hair Day

Like we need another excuse to love/hate Kelly Ripa. Here you can find out what hair care products she swears by. Looks like I am destined for a trip to Sephora.

I must add that I have tried the Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo products before. I have the powder which I love, works great, def recommend. I also purchased the spray, and it was a total waste of money. I got one use out of it before the can clogged. Boo!
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