April 23, 2010

Style Dose

I spent a few nights at the ball field this week watching the boy play (he had his best hits last night, go C-man!) so I have been perusing the People app on my iPhone in between innings. I came across a few ladies whose "fashion" sparked my interest. What do you think?

Carrie Underwood, I think she just has a glow about her, kind of the girl next door look. I don't know who her stylist is but I give her major props.

Demi Moore, I know I have raved about her before, but gosh, for 47 years old she has got it going. I also find it hard to believe that she doesn't workout, claims she recently started doing yoga.

Even without makeup and her hair done she still looks great.

Nicole Richie, this girl has definitely found her look. I don't know what it is but something about her style usually grabs my attention.

And her daughter Harlow is just too cute for words!

Jessica Alba, I admit I have never been a fan of hers, but I have seen pictures of her lately where she looks happy and her style is definitely up my alley.

Kelly Ripa, she has been on my list before and still is. Love her.

Okay, the next two gals you are going to think I am nutso but hear me out.

Ashley Olsen, let's just say she cleans up well. Cute taste in puppies and high heels if I do say so.

Mary Kate Olsen, whose hair and makeup look spot on in this picture.
All images from people.com

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Anonymous said...

I really never thought there would be a day that Nicole Richie would be considered a fashion icon. Kelly Ripa is awesome. I can't get on board with the Olsen's though, they seem to try and look trashy. They do clean up nicely, but not often enough.

(it won't sign me in for some reason)

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