April 21, 2010

Bad Mommy

This afternoon while I was downing my lunch I noticed that Owen kept scratching at the front door. I yelled at him to stop but he continued and started whining. I went about my business and finally went to see what O was being such a baby about. Turns out I locked my poor baby Lexie outside and she was pawing at the front door to be let in. Apparently when we went to check the mail (a daily ritual) Lex did not make it back in the house before I shut the door. I am such a bad mommy, what if O was not smart enough to alert me she was out there? I would be devastated, although I am sure I would have figured it out when it came time to put them in their crates.

What made me even more upset about this was that I had a dream last night that somebody stole Lexie and when I got her back she was in really bad shape, sick and her fur all gross. I woke up this morning feeling terrible about the dream, must have been some kind of premonition. Needless to say Lex is going to get some extra love from her mommy tonight.

1 comment:

Krys said...

Poor Lex-poo! You know she's going to milk it for all it's worth! LOL! Give her luvs from me and Rox.

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