March 9, 2010

How Does She Do It?

I caught some of the red carpet coverage of the Oscars the other night and thought that Demi Moore rocked her look.

While scanning the web for pictures of her outfit I came across this close up of her face. Seriously, she is closer to 50 than 40 and yet has nearly flawless skin. If anybody knows what she uses for skincare or her routine please share!

I hear she does P90X to stay in shape. I did a round of P90X and did NOT look like her. But I guess we all have our flaws (notice the unfavorable back fat (if you can call it that) that resulted from squeezing into her gown).

Another celeb that I like is Jessica Biel, she is real, not over the top fake. Well in my opinion anyway. I came across this article on some of her workouts and thought I would share.

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Krys said...

You know I love Jessica B. She has the best body in Hollywood. She's real and keeps it that way by working out and eating properly.

Demi's skin care is courtsey of her Doc's. Like it or not, that's the way it is. She's flawless and I want her Doc's.

Now, back to my studying...I took a break to see what you had for me today...

Brokerage Relationship Disclosure Act (475.278) The Act expressly revokes...err, sorry...

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