February 11, 2010

Today is My Friday!

I am taking the day off from work tomorrow so I am counting today as my Friday. I already have a long list of things to do tomorrow so it's not like I am going to be taking a spa day ~ as much as I would like too. I might sneak in a pedi somewhere over the weekend though.

My Girls Night/S&D party is tonight so I have been in house cleaning and food prep mode the past 48 hours. I hope this stupid snow that is falling from the sky doesn't put a damper on the festivities. I will do my best to take pictures tonight but just in case, here are some pictures I used for inspiration. I also made a stop at Target and saw this cute red tray that I could not resist and for $10 I consider it a steal!

I ended up kind of going with a pink & red color theme and figured being this close to V-day I might as well go all out. I love pulling out my crystal and silver serving pieces. Looking forward to a night of girl time and a weekend of relaxation and catching up.

1 comment:

Krys said...

DAMMIT! I wish I were there! (except for the whole snow thing)

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