February 26, 2010

Fashion Extra

Here is a little dose of fashion for this fabulous Friday. Why fabulous, because I get to enjoy dinner with friends and family tonight and coffee in the morning with the hubby. Anyhoo, I came across this slideshow on Elle and had to share.

How fab are these wedges?

How hot are these shoes? And the dog is cute to boot!

This necklace is perfect for spring and summer.

Loving her red lips, totally make the outfit.

And while on Elle I spotted this fierce picture of Annie. Love her.

It's in the Bag

This pretty arrived in my inbox this morning. Good thing I am not in need of a new purse. Well do any of else really ever need a new purse? Loving all things Tory these days.


I came across this article in the February 2010 Real Simple magazine and went giddy over it. The pictures, the colors, the ORGANIZING, I love it all. I don't believe the article is online yet so I scanned it in for you, hopefully you can read it. Try to keep the drool off your computer screen.
The first page got me excited over the neatly ordered "junk drawer" where even the scissors are labeled.

I about fell out of my seat when I saw the pantry with the neatly labeled storage containers. I have the containers and a label maker now I just need to put 2 and 2 together to mimic this masterpiece.

I also loved the labeled cords in baggies idea. How many of us have cords laying around that we have no idea what they belong too? And I would like to back up my digital photos like Michele has here.

Margot's desk area is way cute with the books all lined up and her closets are perfect to a tee.

And who of us would not like a wrapping station like this? Sign me up please!

This article might just be the kick I need to stay on this roller coaster of productivity. This week has been beyond busy but I love every minute of it. I also came across the blog of a friend who also loves to organize so now I am even more psyched. I love the feeling of accomplishment. It is even more important that I get my life more organized because as of Monday (if not sooner) I am going to start my online classes to obtain my real estate license. Watch out world here I come!

February 24, 2010

Hump Day

Today the sun is out but the temperature is still frigid. I have on some warm layers to keep me toasty. I am also sporting one of my new S&D necklaces today, the Natasha Bib that I just love! It can bring a plain tee to life or add that extra touch to your everyday outfit.

Over the weekend I wore the Colette necklace and the Grace Pearl Bauble bracelet. Loving both of these pieces too. Don't mind the mirror-self-portrait.

I also snapped a picture of the ceramic garden seat in my hotel room. Granted I was busy all weekend and didn't have time to sit in the chair or utilize the seat, but still I thought it was a cute touch.

February 23, 2010

Get Them While They Last

I have been smitten with Kate Spade as of late. I don't know if it is the bright colors or whimsy styles but I like it. She is having a sample sale today, some good deals if you ask me. This bangle caught my eye. I like the inscription inside "Every Dog Has Its Day". Perfect!

February 22, 2010

A Quick Dink

Here is a random picture of Owen I found on my camera. Totally dinkulous if you ask me!

Shoe Lust

This pretty little image popped into my inbox over the weekend and I could not get it out of my head. I don't know if it is the delicate heel or the ruffle or the red sole, but I love it.

Then again, I wouldn't turn down the beauty that Franki posted over on her blog today either.

February 18, 2010

It's My Friday...Again

Today is my last day in the office as tomorrow I head up to St. Louis for a Pi Phi convention. It is going to be very chilly up there so I have to pack smart. Anyway, maybe I will snap some outfit pictures while I am there.
In the mean time I urge you to head over to Erin's blog and drool over this sunlight filled, dreamy house. There is not one thing I don't love about it.

And how cute is this little girl? If you go to the designer's website you will find it in the portfolio section. Too cute for words if you ask me!

February 17, 2010

Feeling Lofty

I saw this ad in one of my magazines over the weekend and immediately tore it out. I love just about everything about it, the jacket, the jewels, the bows and flowers, love it all. (Someday soon I will learn how to crop scanned pictures.)

The ad is for The Loft which I often see sited in magazines and always wondered if The Loft was the same as the Ann Taylor Loft. Yes it is the same but revamped, Ann's little sis got a makeover. While checking out their site I came across these lovelies that I would not mind having in my closet.

However, there will be no shopping for this Mrs. for a while. I promised both my husband and myself that the UPS guy would not be stopping at our house for a while. After taking a look at my closet I know I don't need any clothes, I just need to shop the things I already have and come up with new outfits. Glamour magazine has a monthly feature where they take a designer and have them create an "affordable" outfit. I pulled this one out recently, love it.

Oh and in case you were wondering my S&D jewels came in today and I love it all! Maybe I will fashion some outfits with it and post here. So excited.

Oh and just a quick shot of Lex that I snuck it at lunch today. Love my baby! Told the hubby last night that she needs some jewelry, I am thinking a cute pearl ribbon necklace? Perfect if you ask me!

February 15, 2010

Silly dogs

Just thought I would share a totally dinkulous picture of the dogs. Lexie jumped in my lap and Owen decided to follow suit. Owen weighs 40 pounds, Lexie 7 (I am assuming she lost a few ounces since the vet declared her nearly overweight!).

February 12, 2010

S&D Party

I had a great evening last night, good company, good drinks and snacks and pretty jewelry, what more can a girl ask for! I did manage to take a few pics before the guests arrived but unfortunately didn't get a chance to snap a pic of the jewels.

Homemade cookies that I gave out as favors as guests left

The snack spread

The drink stations

Have a great weekend!

February 11, 2010

Today is My Friday!

I am taking the day off from work tomorrow so I am counting today as my Friday. I already have a long list of things to do tomorrow so it's not like I am going to be taking a spa day ~ as much as I would like too. I might sneak in a pedi somewhere over the weekend though.

My Girls Night/S&D party is tonight so I have been in house cleaning and food prep mode the past 48 hours. I hope this stupid snow that is falling from the sky doesn't put a damper on the festivities. I will do my best to take pictures tonight but just in case, here are some pictures I used for inspiration. I also made a stop at Target and saw this cute red tray that I could not resist and for $10 I consider it a steal!

I ended up kind of going with a pink & red color theme and figured being this close to V-day I might as well go all out. I love pulling out my crystal and silver serving pieces. Looking forward to a night of girl time and a weekend of relaxation and catching up.

February 10, 2010


Yes I was MIA for a few days but I am now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have a busy few days ahead of me still but come Friday I can sigh a deep breath.

Until then I will leave you with some pictures of Kelly Ripa. Why? Because I think she is cute. I know that some people either hate her or love her, guess I am in the love her camp. I wouldn't mind having her pretty hair, her sculpted arms or even her wardrobe. Until next time friends...

February 5, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I thought I would leave you this Friday with a few of my new favorite things that I have recently discovered.

First up is the Aveda Nourish-Ment Smoothing Lip Color. I bought this online on a whim the other day because they were offering free shipping and 2 free samples. I bought the Sugar Apple color and absolutely love it. I am not one of those girls who checks her face a dozen times a day and often I prefer a plain old lip gloss or balm. What is great about this lipstick (if you want to call it that) is that you put it on and it stays on. It is also truly nourishing as my chapped lips seem to have all but disappeared.

Another makeup-ey item I am loving is the Sue Devitt Beauty Eye Intensifier pencils. These pencils are great because they are fatter than your typical drugstore eyeliner, which for me makes it easier to apply. The pencil also includes a blending tip at the end to give you the perfect smudge finish. I also really liker her lipliner pencils too, again they are fatter and also include a lip brush at the other end. Perfection if you ask me. Sue also has some great how to videos on her site, be sure to check them out.

The last thing I will leave you with is my Sony Dream Machine iPod dock. I have this on my desk at work and dock my iPhone in it and am able to listen to my favorite songs as well as my favorite talk channels on Sirius. I convinced my husband to get one too, you just can't go wrong with this one. It has all kinds of features that I have yet to discover, only because I mostly use it for my iPhone.

Have a great weekend, I will be knee deep in cleaning house and cooking. Cheers

February 2, 2010

Party Time

On February 11th I am have having a girl’s night get together at my house along with a Stella & Dot Trunk Show. If you have not heard of Stella & Dot you can check them out here.

I first learned about S&D this summer after inquiring where a friend got her super cute bracelet. Since then I have seen S&D popping up all over the web and in magazines, so not to be left out I searched their site for a stylist. My stylist Amanda came over one night toting some of her goods, I was in heaven trying on all of the pieces. I was totally sold on having a party to showcase their items. One of the great things that my stylist will do at the party is help you style (duh!) your jewelry. I always hear girls say they just don’t know how to accessorize or what kind of things to buy, this is a perfect opportunity to pick up some tips from a pro.

If you don’t live in wonderful, currently snow and ice covered, Oklahoma, you can still shop online. Amanda has set up her site for my party, all you do is go to her site and enter my last name (Couch) where it says find a hostess. Their items are good quality, better than your average costume jewelry. An extra perk about this line is that each piece you buy comes packaged in a cute reusable box – I am a sucker for pretty packaging.

I encourage you to check their site out even if you are not interested in buying anything, at least learn some new styling tips for those baubles piled up in your drawer. If you are in town and are not interested in jewelry, stop by for some drinks, snacks and girl time. Cheers!

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