January 8, 2010

Still Cold

Yep, that is the temperature reading from my car as I rode in this morning. Yuck!

So I decided to wear something warm to work today.

And speaking of staying warm I read this great Q&A section in my Marie Claire magazine last night. The article was written by the ever proper Tim Gunn.

The question to Tim was: My office is freezing in the winter. What are some good pieces to add to my wardrobe to stay warm without resorting to bulky, unflattering sweaters and turtlenecks?

Tim's reply: I agree that bulky sweaters can be unflattering, but turtlenecks? I don't think so. If it's layering that you're after, then the turtleneck would be a piece to layer over. I have three suggestions: a chic, polished shrunken cardigan; a blazer, the style of which is up to you and your taste and lifestyle (cropped, unstructured, and classic are examples); and scarves, which can be draped, wrapped, or tied in a myriad of ways. If done correctly, an oversize scarf can be terribly chic - Parisian women are born with the talent to make this work. But think about the colors and textiles that would work best with your wardrobe. I lean more toward black and navy, but it's so much easier for men! With women's scarves, you can go wild with patterns.

Could not have said it better myself Tim!

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Anonymous said...


Your very loving, but loathing turtleneck, friend...

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