January 7, 2010

Scenes from the Weekend

Yes it is still very frigid here in Oklahoma and doesn't show any sign of warming up for a while, sigh. I did want to share a few more dog pictures from our adventure in dogsitting. By the end of the week the dogs were all well behaved. Owen moped around the house for days after Wrigley went back home, he is such a baby!

I love this picture, totally shows what a bully Gucci (the pug) can be!

A mug shot of the boys just back from the groomers.

A close up of Wrigley and his favorite toy at our house.
And this here is a perfect example of why we call Owen dinkulous. He thinks our couch is his personal bed, pillow and blanket included.

And I could not post pictures of all the boys without a shot of my baby!

Hey, at least all this cold weather is giving me an excuse to wear my faux fur vest everyday. Love it, and yes it is the Rachel Zoe one from QVC. It truly keeps me warm.

1 comment:

Krys said...

You did NOT buy that vest! You're bananas!


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