January 27, 2010


Pay attention ladies because this does not happen very often, I am about to brag BIG TIME on my husband.

This past weekend we didn’t have any set plans so we ran some errands. While we were out my husband told me he wanted to go to the mall in the city. That in itself is a big deal because he 1) never likes going to the mall and 2) he hardly ever takes me up to the city. When we got there I wanted to go to Williams Sonoma (of course) and he said to make that our last stop. So we finally make our way to WS and he makes a beeline over to the Le Creuset cookware. He knows I have wanted one of their dutch ovens for eons. I have the knock off brand from Sam’s and it just is not the same – the porcelain is chipping off and the interior enamel is a pain to get clean.

Long story short, my husband tells me to just get one. I am like “Um, it is $260”, he continues to tell me to just get it. Mind you it is not my birthday, anniversary or anything special, just an ordinary Saturday. I ended up bringing home this 6 ¾ quart beauty and have already broken her in with a delicious lentil soup recipe (which turned out FAB!).

Thank you to the best husband EVER!


Anonymous said...

Alright, who did you really go with and what did you do with K?!

Rachel @ Pencil Shavings said...

Aren't you totally in love with it? I have one, and I use it nearly every day. I don't even know WHY it's so fab, it just IS!

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