December 30, 2009

Dog Sitting

This week we are dog sitting for our friends who are vacationing in sunny snow-less Florida. We have been rolling and laughing so much at Owen and Wrigley's antics. And in case you were wondering, Wrigley (on the right) is Owen's brother, from the same litter. This picture was taken shortly after the boys came in from playing in the snow. You can really tell the difference in their coats after they have been wet - Wrigley's hair is much curlier and thicker than Owen's.

We have also been keeping Gucci, who likes to boss all the other dogs around.

Wrigley and Gucci are sure to be depressed when they go home on Sunday and no longer have constant playtime. And yes, this year I vow to learn how to take better pictures and edit them.


Anonymous said...

Do I see dog shit in the floor? Sweet!

Anonymous said...

That Black dog looks mean!!!

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