February 28, 2012


Uninteresting is how I would describe myself as of late, which explains my absence on the blog. That is not to say I am not interested in things, just check out my Pinterest page and you will find me pinning away. I don’t have cute little kids to brag about, I don’t have any special skills to write home about either. My blog is mostly fluff, things I come across that I cannot get out of my mind. To be honest, I have a list of things I want to blog about, I just need the motivation to do so.

Anyhoo, until I get said motivation I will leave youwith some pictures from my phone to give you an idea of what I have been up to lately.

Dink dogs

My dad enjoying a meal from Ted's, his fave

Dink again

Trying to decide if the bun is granny or chic

Want her hair and eyebrows, please and thank you

PK picking up her new puppy

Baseball season is starting up in full affect

Puppy napping next to her dink brother

February 3, 2012

It Bag

It seems as though I can't read a blog without seeing the new it bag, the Celine luggage tote.

However I think I have struck gold. Have you spied the Tilary tote in the latest J Crew catalog? With a much friendlier price tag I would be very happy to welcome her to my closet.

January 25, 2012

On My Mind

Just a few things that have been occupying my mind lately...

Sharp blazers

Radiant Skin


Loving each of this from Shoemint, anybody try them out yet?

January 19, 2012


I love it when a new Athleta catalog arrives in my mailbox. As I have mentioned before, the catalog not only showcases the latest in workout gear, their models serve as inspiration to get off the couch and do something! Now if only I could shake this stupid sinus stuff I have been plagued with I could actually get back to a kick butt workout routine.

I am glad to see they got my favorite model Monica Carlson back!

How fun (and challenging) does this look?

Bring on the sun and hot weather!

Fast feet!

Loving on this skort.

And yes, this is the wallpaper on my phone, what better inspiration to get up and do!

January 18, 2012

The Post

Most of you know that I work full time for the Postal Service (as a project manager/engineer, not a "mailman"). So it seems only fitting that I love stationary and paper products in general. I love it when local stationer Whitney English has a warehouse sale, I go to town grabbing practically everything in sight!

I love seeing articles on the hopefully-not dying art of the hand written note. I do my best to write thank you notes and probably spend more time deciding which note card to use than thinking of what to write.

I came across this little diddy (yes I said diddy) in the latest Town&Country magazine. With that said, let the hand written note tradition carry on.

January 17, 2012

Retin A Rules

Recently I was chatting with a friend about Retin A (and I may have given her some samples that I received from my dermatologist). When I first started using prescription Retin A products a few years ago, the only basic advice I received was start slowly and only use a small amount at each application. So this got me thinking that I should let you all know what has worked for me. Please note I am not a medical professional of any sorts and this information is based on my personal experience only.

The first product I was prescribed was Retin A MICRO.

The product is now available in a pump, which I suppose helps in administering an “appropriate” amount. When I used the product it was just in a metal tube like the picture, nothing fancy. I started off using this every other day and still had a lot of red flaky patches, which were more embarrassing than wrinkles or acne. I returned to my dermatologist who then prescribed a lowered dosed product, Atralin.

The MICRO product is a .1% strength and the Atralin is a .05% strength. You are thinking okay, no big deal, but let me tell you it is a big deal. I can now use the Atralin every night and wake up with only minimal flakes. You want flakes, that means the product is working to shed your old skin to reveal new fresh skin.

Okay, now on to my routine and recommendations. As you have gathered from above, I prefer to use the Atralin product. Each night after I wash my face using Cetaphil and my Clarisonic, I apply a thin layer of Atralin all over my face, avoiding the eye area. (I use a separate eye cream on and around my eyes because I like them to be moisturized and the Retin A can be drying.) I need to start applying the Atralin to my neck to avoid saggy-neck-ness, **note to self**. As far as “thin layer” goes, I probably use a total amount equivalent to 1 1/2 peas. After I wait a few minutes for the product to set in I apply a light moisturizer all over my face, to combat any dryness (I might skip this step in the summer when my skin is more oily). In the morning I use a gentle scrubbing face wash to exfoliate any flaky patches. I then apply a topical exfoliator to ensure I got rid of all the flakes.

This is the process that I have found to work best on my combination skin. If you have dry skin you will definitely want to start off using as little Retin A as possible, perhaps only on problem areas. I would also suggest to start using the product in your mid 20’s, before wrinkles really start to become an issue. Yes Retin A is mainly prescribed to combat acne, but fighting wrinkles is an awesome side affect, if you will. When I get random blemishes I use a benzoyl peroxide product in conjunction with my Retin A. Please note that unless you have super awesome health insurance (does such a thing even exist anymore???), you will still have to pay some out of pocket money for the product. If you compare the prescription to OTC product costs, they might be pretty darn close (not to mention a prescription tube can last you a long time, not sure you can say the same about OTC brands). Also be sure to ask your doctor for samples so you can try it before getting an entire tube. They might also have coupons too, doesn't hurt to ask.

Another important piece of information when using any Retin A product is to be sure to wear sunscreen, as it makes your skin more prone to burn. But we already know that we should wear sunscreen daily, right?

I hope that at least one person finds this information helpful and useful. I have not really used any OTC Retin A based products and cannot attest to their effectiveness in comparison. If you have health insurance and can get a doctor to prescribe you Retin A I definitely recommend doing so. And if you find the one he prescribes to be to harsh, go back and request a different strength. I believe some products now come in cream based versions, which may also combat some dryness. Bottom line is don't give up if the first product you try gives you terrible or unexpected results.

Again, I am not an expert and do not claim to have perfect skin, I just think this is useful information to those considering prescription strength Retin A products. If you have more tips or suggestions on Retin A I would love to hear them!

I will follow up in another post on what kind of moisturizers, scrubs and exfoliants I like to use.

January 16, 2012

Loving Lately

I don't think I have done any "favorite things" posts lately, so let's play catch up.

Studio pants from Lulu, so comfy I want to (and actually have been) wear them all the time, plus they are great for the gym.

While we are talking about Lulu I should mention my new favorite top is their Cool Racerback. I like the longer length and that it is snug enough to not ride up during explosive moves.

And last but not least from Lulu is their Flow Y bra, a perfect fit under the CRB and supportive enough for cardio activities.

And for those of you who think it is dinkulous to spend this kind of money on clothes to sweat in, let me say it is worth it. As long as you don't put Lulu things in the dryer they last forever. And they don't pill, stretch out or fade, definitely worth the extra $$ in my book.

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